15 Questions with a Veteran-Matt Hall

by Matt Hall on 12-09-2015 in Azimuth Blog

The exercise is simple. Choose 3 questions from each section and write your answers.


1. Please explain your branch of service, years served, job and unit and places you served.

Army, 1989-2000, 2003-present. I’ve been an Aircraft Electrician, Drill Sergeant, Infantry Officer and now I’m waiting to go to Civil Affairs School. I have served in the Active Army (Ft. Dix, Ft. Eustis, Ft. Carson, Army Reserve (California, Virginia and Ohio) and Army National Guard (California, Tennessee and Indiana).

2. Where is your hometown?

3. Why did you join the military?

I was an exchange student from Alaska to Australia for my junior year of high school. While in Australia my parents moved from Alaska to California and I didn’t know what else to do after high school.

4. Why did you pick that branch of service?

The Air Force told me I would need two years of college to fly. The Marines recruiter was an idiot who used a Mr. T spring bar at his desk and I was not going to be on a ship. The Army put me in the Aviation career field, which I thought I wanted to go into at the time.



1. What was your best experience?

2. What was your worst experience?

3. Would you go back in if you could?

Still in but I did go back after a three year break.

4. What was your proudest moment?

Earning my Combat Infantryman Badge.

5. Would you recommend the military for your son or daughter?

6. What misconceptions have you experienced from civilians about the military?

That all we do is kill people and destroy things. I have saved more men, women and children from being hurt. Built more schools, brought clean water and electricity to villages and laughed and shared culture with more Afghans than killing the Taliban.

7. How did your military service shape the person you are today?

8. Did you use your GI Bill? Why?


Light Hearted

1. What was the name of your drill instructor?

Drill Sergeant Brewer

2. What is your favorite military term or slang?

3. What was the food like in theater?

4. Favorite MRE?

The breakfast one with the eggs.

5. What is the funniest story about yourself?

One night I drank about 9 cups of chai tea with my Afghan friends and pee’d in my sleeping bag in my sleep. It was cold and well…..



1. Have you been personally engaged in combat? Did that change you?


I learned that I am one of those people that run towards “the boom”. There is no way to really tell unless you’ve been in that situation. And most of the time it’s not the people you would think.

2. Do you still talk with some of the people you served with?

Yes. A lot. Almost daily.

3. What was the most heroic thing you saw or did?

4. What was the dumbest thing you did on deployment?

5. What was the hardest thing you have done on deployment?

The Baz Gal walk. About 1.5KM in distance with about 1.5KM in elevation. At night, in the snow.


After Service

1. Why do you want to help veterans?

I connect with them. I understand their frustrations and what they are looking for.

2. Without Azmuth.org, where would you turn for help, or send advice someone else to find help, should you need it?

3. How would you suggest others help veterans?

Volunteer. Time is more valuable than money to veterans (although dollars do help!).

Talk to them. There is always a fascinating story there.

Show respect. Sometimes they don’t want to talk, but showing respect helps them and you feel good.

4. Do you belong to any veterans’ organizations?

5. What is a, are some, good organizations that you have experience with and that you would suggest to other veterans?

Wings for Warriors

Boulder Crest Retreat

Dog Tags

Fisher House

Warrior Path

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