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Talking a friend of a ledge.

by Matt Hall on 02-25-2016 05:11PM in Azimuth Blog

Have you had this happen to you? A friend calls and the monster is at their door. They are in tears and tell you that they can’t forget how their battle buddy died and wishes he/she could switch places with them. If you haven’t heard this one, then thank your lucky stars and get prepared, [...]

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15 Questions with a Veteran-Matt Hall

by Matt Hall on 12-09-2015 03:13PM in Azimuth Blog

The exercise is simple. Choose 3 questions from each section and write your answers.Personal1. Please explain your branch of service, years served, job and unit and places you served.Army, 1989-2000, 2003-present. I’ve been an Aircraft Electrician, Drill Sergeant, Infantry Officer and now I’m [...]

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