We connect veterans to services.  It’s pretty straight forward. There are thousands of programs and services available to vets and their families, and thousands of vets who need and want help. We build a bridge to connect them. We keep this mission first and foremost  in all our efforts.

Core Beliefs

We help vets find quality care and service. Vets can submit ratings and reviews of their experiences with companies. These reviews are publicly available.

We are accessible to veterans. There are no financial or geographical restraints to accessing help. No membership is required.

We help all veterans.   We don’t play favorites. Any veteran. Any degree of need. Our goal is to help any veteran  who needs and wants it.

We support veteran-focused non-profits in their efforts to connect with veterans.

We support volunteers who are looking for reputable organizations locally and nationally to whom they can donate their time and/or resources.

We provide localized and national support. We seek programs and services available to veterans right in their back yards as well as across the country.

We focus on employment, healthcare and education. These areas represent the core needs of most veterans seeking help.

We keep as much money in the organization as possible. We can positively impact millions of lives through veteran outreach – bringing vets to the list of available programs and services. That’s a big deal. So we work hard to ensure the majority of the donations we receive go directly to putting feet on the ground where our veterans are (like NRA shows, military functions, community events, etc).



Our Story


After Matt Hall returned from Afghanistan as an Infantry Company Commander, he kept hearing of soldiers who came home from deployment to lost homes or businesses, broken families, or uncertain futures. Their needs were many, but they had a hard time finding help. At the same time, people often asked him how they could help veterans. They weren’t sure how to find the vets that needed help. In some cases, they wanted to offer their time and resources as volunteers with local organizations. In other cases, they wanted to help by offering special services or discounts from their businesses. This is how Azimuth was born. Matt assembled a Board of Directors and developed an online directory of resources available to vets. The board is made up of strictly current and former military officers to ensure the organization never loses focus on providing resources for veterans, no matter their level of need.



Our Leadership


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